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● MicroSealant in a tape form.● Stop virtually any leak or water proof any surface in minutes.● Featured in numerous professional trade magazines and consumer magazines.● Restore: Commercial roofs, RV roofs, Mobile home roofs, gutters; Repair leaks and holes in: All roofs - commercial or residential; all RV, mobile home, trailer roofs; all metal roofs; holding tanks; awnings; gutters; skylights; flashings; boats; pool and pond liners; tears in convertible roofs, tarps and tents; cracks in basement walls; boat, car, pool, and grill covers, etc.!● Use to - Seal gaps, corrosion-proof pipes and steel, create pest barriers.● Fuses to - Rubber, TPO, Hypalon, PVC, Polyethelene, metal, aluminum, iron, copper, concrete, masonry, wood, OSB board, styrofoam, almost anything you can think of.● Stays flexible to - 70, install to -20.● 5 year shelf life. A Miracle Repair Tape - EternaBond is used by over 25 RV manufactures and is the repair system of choice by professional roofing technicians. Be sure to review our helpful information and articles highlighting the benefits of EternaBond sealing tape which can be found at