PQN Audio understands that RV speakers bring the enjoyment of favorite music to your travel experience. PQN is known for innovative audio solutions, as our waterproof RV Series, ECO Series Ultra-Slim Waterproof and Special Performance Audio (SPA) waterproof speakers are designed for years of performance.

PQN Audio offers a number of quality waterproof products ideal for RV camping.

RV Series RV610 6" & 5” RV510 Dual Cone speakers are lightweight, waterproof & UV resistant. With these two products built to higher material standards you will find long lasting affordability for years of quality performance.

PQN Audio Ultra-Slim ECO Series RV speakers are fully waterproof with UV resistance. ECO50 (5”) and ECO60 (6”) Ultra-Slim speakers provide a mounting depth of only 1” making them ideal for modern RV speaker design needs. ECO Series RV speakers are also lightweight, waterproof & UV resistant. You will enjoy years of quality performance.

PQN’s Special Performance Audio (SPA) full and compact sized products combine performance, quality and value. Compact Spa22, Spa24, Spa34, Spa25 & Spa35 waterproof speakers deliver dynamic audio performance typically found in larger speakers. The SPA series waterproof speakers are ideal for ATV, teardrop and pop-up trailer installations. PQN Audio's exclusive Spa24 (3.25") and Spa34 (3.75") wall-fitting speakers offer a full 360 degree seal with single hole installation without the need for hardware.

PQN Audio speakers are ideal for both exterior and interior installation.

PQN offers both OEM and Aftermarket support.

From Classic Rock to Classical to Country, listen to RV Series & Special Performance Audio (SPA) waterproof speakers from PQN. If they don't sound good, they're not from PQN Audio. The vision is pure - innovative audio products. The goal is simple - to provide quality, value and performance. PQN is the new source for waterproof RV speakers and audio transducers. Listen to PQN Innovation.

Vendor Showcase

RV510 Dual Cone Waterproof Speakers

RV510 Dual Cone Waterproof Speakers

The lightweight 5” RV510 is designed to meet today’s audio needs for quality, performance & weather resistance. The RV510 offers 24W dual cone performance for crisp sound. With its UV resistant waterproof construction the RV510 will provide years of affordable quality for exterior & interior installations. The RV510 is also chemical resistant. Its 1.7” mounting depth allows for most replacement installs as well as new model integration. Comes complete with Stainless Steel hardware and sealing gasket. Also available is the 6” RV610. PQN Audio offers OEM and Aftermarket support. read more