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Swift Hitch is the original wireless back-up camera system designed to assist anyone who has ever struggled with hitching-up any trailer or snowplow. Since 2006 the Swift Hitch's portability, reverse imaging and night vision capabilities have made this innovative product a valued tool. Swift Hitch's versatile system can be used by farmers, building and marine inspectors, and wherever an additional set of eyes can come in handy.

Swift Hitch's SH02 wireless system is NATDA (North America Trailer Dealer Association) New Product of the year 2012 Award Winner.

Swift Hitch is a Toren Partners company whose mission is to deliver productivity tools and innovative products to simplify consumers' daily activities. Toren Partners, LLC takes pride in our high quality products and customer service. Our quality control and testing are done in the State of Massachusetts, USA. The Swift Hitch has been sold to thousands of satisfied and loyal customers.

Swift Hitch? - Product Overview and Features: Totally portable, charge camera and display / receiver from any vehicle 12volt socket (charge cable included) and will run continuous for up to up to 10 hours (SH02). The fully automatic night vision camera allows the user to hitch up in total darkness a truly neat feature! No installation is required. Portable wireless hi-resolution color display. One button operation. Fully automatic night vision camera. Strong magnetic mount on camera for ease of use. User selectable reverse (default) or normal image. Can be used on multiple vehicles. Charges from vehicle 12 volt socket. Can be used as an inspection camera. One year limited warranty. Here are some of the many other uses customers have found for Swift Hitch: Electrician - use to look into tight spaces on remodeling jobs. Construction - Use to view work from a different angle when alone. Chimney Sweep - Mounted the camera on a pole using the 20 thread on camera to inspect a chimney. The night vision is the key. Plumber & HVAC - Inspect plumbing and find leaks in tight spaces. Mechanic - Locate that missing bolt that dropped or inspect an area that cannot be seen without an inspection mirror. The NIGHT Vision is very cool. RV Owners - Use Swift Hitch while adjusting the satellite dish for best reception. Simply point the camera at the TV and hold the display to fine tune the dish position. On a stopover or while camping to monitor sleeping child while your sitting just outside the vehicle. Boat Owners - Position the camera on the corner of your boat while backing down a ramp to launch or while backing in to a slip; to visual inspect an inboard engine for leaks while performing preventive maintenance; to locate something dropped in the bilge. Marine Surveyors - Attach the camera to a pole to make quick view of tight spots during below deck inspections. Home Surveyors - Attach the camera to a pole to allow easy view of crawl spaces and attic where space is limited