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Walex Products Company, manufacturer of PORTA-PAK holding tank deodorizer and portion control system and BIO-PAK natural enzyme deodorizer and waste digester. Walex has a "NEW" Grey Water rapid dissolve tablet that is a 3 in 1 product, deoderizes, cleans, and freshens the grey tank. Walex also has it's Swift laundry detergent that is similar to the Drop In packets for the toilets. Swift will work in High Efficiency washing machines or a standard washing machine. Walex Products Company is a leading manufacturer of portable sanitation products worldwide."Performance Products for Performance Needs" remains unchanged as our motto and our mission. This commitment drives us to manufacture the highest performing products available to the RV and marine industry.Research & Development Continuous on-site research and development allows us the opportunity to provide our customers exceptional technical support and a steady stream of new and innovative products. Our on-site research and product development laboratory is staffed with over 50 years' experience in the creation of innovative products, process improvements and unsurpassed quality control.Click here to Send us a Request For Information